Anthony Boswell is a writer and artist exploring his experiences of life through what he often calls 'those fleeting glimpses' that reveal to us, if we look and listen enough, the mysteries often hidden to us.

Anthony was born in January 1965 in the English Midlands where he continues to live. Has a child he spent a lot of his time amongst the industry close to his home, exploring the canals and ponds for wildlife and finding the industrial buildings fascinating, something that has stayed with him throughout his life. The rest of his time was taken up drawing, gardening with mum and watching the world from his bedroom window. Anthony would definitely agree to being a dreamer and a contemplative, ever since his younger years; a lover of the silent house, the atmospheric landscape, the dusk and the storm.

After gladly leaving his school years behind him, Anthony took his drawing onto a degree in Graphic Design, but after a short period of boredom and frustration working in advertising, he realised that he was not suited to that line of creative work and after teaching art for three years, he left to explore a more freestyle life as a fine artist and continues to make work seriously. It was during his time at university that he became interested in creative writing. Although is art is important, the idea of writing never went away and it is now, through writing, that Anthony feels is the way to reveal his journeys into the mystery of life.

Admitting he 'did not read much' till in his college years, later in life he has moved on to finding Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited and Tolkien's Lord of the Rings as, so far, two of his favourite books.

Writing in a blend of life and fantasy, Anthony finds his faith very important in all areas of his life and has a keen interest in contemplative spirituality. Besides a plan to move to a 'quieter place' and making a Japanese garden where he can relax and also enjoy his bonsai, Anthony is exploring his life through writing poetry and is now on the road to writing his first full-length novel.